Nulled Software

Some of us are guilty of using pirated software because is either free or cost a mere fraction of what the software is selling for. I’ve to admit. I’m equally guilty using nulled scripts in the distant past. I no longer use pirated software nor nulled scripts though. Is a security risk for myself and… Read more

Affiliate Marketing

Since im deteced browsing from a Singapore IP address, you'll see Singapore this and that.

Another popular way to make money online is to promote and sell someone’s stuff. We call this affiliate marketing. That someone can be a company or a regular Jane. They offer some commission to anyone who brings sales to them and the stuff can be a product or a service. The process is relatively similar… Read more

Online Photoshop Free

photoshop 5.5

I remembered using Photoshop 5.5 back in school. For a PC illiterate then, it was fun playing with the image filters. Can’t say the same for the freaking long rendering time and darn it was expensive. Students like myself couldn’t afford the license but this must-have nifty photo editing software was a must for most… Read more

Ebay Carding and whatever


First off, a disclaimer on what you’re about to read here isn’t any illegal carding hacks nor tutorials on how to use Ebay as a virtual ATM machine. I don’t want to be wasting your time reading this if you’re really looking for such tricks or guides. There’s already plenty of information in the invisible… Read more

Your First Internet Marketing Guide

internet marketing

Internet marketing is your solution to publicize your services or products to anyone using the internet with their mobiles or desktops. I mashed up a few points to get you jump-started on online marketing instead of the wikipedia way. The Good Online Marketing Tools First, we will need the right technology tools to help us… Read more

Why Some People Cannot Make Money Online

make money online

Everyone wants that extra cash to spend on what they love doing, be it for self-indulgence or for something which they believe in. Making money online is only hard if you are a passive internet user. If you’re running some kind of internet selling merchandise, it may be best to put aside some budget and… Read more

We help home owners save 5 figures on average in their condo purchase


Want to Buy a New Condo? Do not think of buying before speaking/consulting with us, because WE HELP HOME OWNERS SAVE 5 FIGURES ON AVERAGE IN THEIR CONDO PURCHASE. What You Get Save money in miscellaneous hidden costs associated with the purchase of property. Save time & hassle in finding the right agent, providers to… Read more

Internet Marketing Training, Courses, Seminars


I’ve been in the internet marketing industry for about 10 years now. My affair with IM is a love-hate one. It’s hard to begin with if you ain’t an internet savvy person nor a web developer. You will be knocking hurdles along the way without a trusted mentor. Not those so-called trainers nor experts who… Read more

Singapore PIC Claim Explained


Someone asked about the Singapore PIC grant in my previous post. How some of the consultant turned PIC companies were using these government incentives scheme to spin off quick money. PiC claims made in 2015 were more than double of that in 2014, up from about 60000 to 142000. IRAS warned that more people were… Read more

Internet Marketing Crash Course

Learning from your mistakes is important. Your money is already spent but don't let it go wasted.

The opportunists strike again. The milk money focus shifted from PIC claim for website design and development to internet marketing training courses. The hype is already here and i’m sure you have seen the Facebook advertisements on your timeline. A recent article cast some insight. A victim’s unhappy experience voiced in public and countless untold… Read more