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I’ve been in the internet marketing industry for about 10 years now.

My affair with IM is a love-hate one. It’s hard to begin with if you ain’t an internet savvy person nor a web developer. You will be knocking hurdles along the way without a trusted mentor. Not those so-called trainers nor experts who put you into their emailing list to sell you affiliate products.

Now, there are so-called experts on internet marketing and imagining living the high rollers’ lives. They want to share with you the ins and outs to getting your comfortable life.

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Singapore PIC Claim Explained

Why, Why, Why?

Someone asked about the Singapore PIC grant in my previous post. How some of the consultant turned PIC companies were using these government incentives scheme to spin off quick money.

cash made from pic claim

About 142,000 claims were made in 2015, more than double the 60,000 in 2014. However, IRAS warned that more people were also making false claims, upon the advice of so-called consultants.

Channel NewsAsia reported on 21 Feb 2016

PIC Bonus advantage

That chaotic year period was when PIC Bonus was introduced,

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Internet Marketing Crash Course

Learning from your mistakes is important. Your money is already spent but don't let it go wasted.

The opportunists strike again. The milk money focus shifted from PIC claim for website design and development to internet marketing training courses.

The hype is already here and i’m sure you have seen the Facebook advertisements on your timeline.

Singapore online marketing training course exposed in negative light

A recent article cast some insight. A victim’s unhappy experience voiced in public and countless untold stories in the shadows. Unless more voices are heard, his encounter will be soon watered down. Read his experience from

Online marketing + Direct Selling

This IS internet marketing in the real world.

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Is SEO Right for Your Business

Google eating spam before getting to the cherry

In recent years, there are so much hype about SEO because everyone is talking about it. Commotions are stirred by opportunists, wanting to profit from it. Search engine optimization is important if your website traffic heavily depends on search engines like Google, Yahoo or Bing. Otherwise SEO is nothing but a 3 letter word.

Social media like Facebook and Instagram are rapidly gaining momentum in Singapore especially. Business owners and internet marketing agencies have yet another effective online channel to reach their targeted audience.

Back to topic.

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How to Start a Blog

Free blog and vlog register

First, welcome and good to know you’re interested to get your blog up and running.

Starting a blog can be really easy and cost from $0 for a basic one. A more sophisticated blog can easily cost more than $10000 for a scaled-up total solution.

Let’s first start with setting up your blog at the very minimal first, that’s at zero cost.

First, choose your CMS platform

There’re some really good blog content management system around and good means simple to use,

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Why Blog or Vlog?

Quietly making money online

Blogging started back in the early year 2000 and many have turned full-time bloggers, now vloggers (eg. YouTube video blogging) to earn their keeps. What started as an internet outlet for letting loose emotions has evolved into something much bigger and lucrative. Savvy marketers have discovered that blogging or vlogging is one of the best internet marketing methods that won’t cost you a cent to start off with.

What is blogging and vlogging?

Blog is the widely used term that refers to web log.

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3 Tinkers Before Selling Online

Learn the basics first

Forward 2016, marketing online has become the prioritized channel for promotion and advertising. Boldly, the internet has integrated itself into ATL marketing. It’s common for TV and radio commercials to have their website or Facebook page displayed or mentioned in their advertisements.

Internet marketing gives business owners the opportunity to target their chosen audience locally or worldwide. Doing it right will get you some results. Before marketing online, you must first familiarize yourself with general promotional and marketing facts. A few simple marketing reminders like 4Ps and HWWW can help build your internet business.

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Prerequisite – Earning Cash off the Internet

Good, ethical pratices

Internet browsing used to be just a hobby back in the early days. Now anyone with a smartphone, tablet or phablet, and an internet connection can tap online to earn some extra cash. There’re so many ways to use the internet for profit.

Many are already making cash with the internet through marketing, selling or publishing. The internet creates a very accessible world wide web for anyone with an internet connection and a smart device. The tools are here, is up to you to roll the money in.

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